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from diapers to deconstruction


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little girl holding a blue stuffed toy

This image and the banner are courtesy of Carolina Weick @ Walk With Me Photography. She did a day-in-the-life shoot for us that captured our family better than any posed pictures of our own could.

Table of Contents

  1. “Alternative ABC’s”
  2. “The Barre to the Bookshelf”
  3. “Books of a Feather”
  4. “Embodied ABC’s”
  5. “Fair to Midway Stories”
  6. “From Pole to Pole”
  7. “A Glue Stick and a Dream”
  8. “Horse and Pony Tails”
  9. “How to Develop a Unit Study”
  10. “In Defense of Libraries”
  11. “Indian Food for Thought”
  12. “A Literary Safari”
  13. “Paris in the Springtime”
  14. “Royal Riffs: My Favorite Princess Stories”
  15. “Reading Empathy”
  16. “From Russia with Love”
  17. “So Many Cinderellas”
  18. “The Sweetest Stories”
  19. “‘There is no Frigate like a Book’”
  20. “Dinosaurs”
  21. “Whale Tales”
  22. “Winter Reads”
  23. “A (Wolf)Pack of Stories”
  24. “Worm Books for Book Worms”